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Hi, I'm 22 and currently going to University for Video Game Design with a minor in Japanese. It's bloody hard and I wish I was a bit smarter, but oh well. I'm a major fan of video games and role playing games, DMing a group of insane people is an interesting experience.

Total fan of all art forms and a complete Rent-Head(or as much as one can be, having only been into Rent since 2005), I'm constantly singing and often dancing a little. It's very interesting to see me heading to school during the afternoon. I'm fond of drawing, although I'm not particularly good at it, as well as writing. Sadly, all areas of my art need a lot of practice. Additionally, I love gardening. I just got into it last summer but the fact that, after the long winter, I'm still itching to get out there speaks volumes for me.

I tend to be very introspective at times, considering the nature of the universe, time travel, and paradox. However, one of my favorite studies is my ongoing case-study of myself. It fascinates me to look at how my mind works, as well as how others see me and why.